4 Of The Best Carry-on for your trip abroad

Having the right type of carry on luggage for a trip can be the difference between a great trip and a very frustrating one. Your carry on luggage should have two very important features. First it should be spacious enough to fit all of the things you want to put in it. Second it should be durable. Your luggage goes through a lot while you are traveling. It should be able to handle a few bumps without falling to pieces. Below I am going to briefly review some of the best carry on luggage out there. All provide comfort, durability and have the best performance.

Delsey Helium Zip Carry On Luggage
The Delsey Helium is a great budget friendly piece of luggage. Not only does it have a hardside to keep everything safe inside but it is also very lightweight. You can drop it, scratch it and jerk it and it will keep on going. The wheels are also pretty durable and can handle just about all surfaces. Be sure to save your receipt as this company offers a 10 year limited warranty. You will have to pay one way shipping but they will repair it and get it back to you.

Burton Wheelie Flight Deck Carry On Luggage
If you travel a lot and you need luggage that can handle almost anything this is the piece you want. It is very sturdy and very strong. Wheel it over just about anything and it will remain stable. It is very comfortable and easy to open and close. It also has a lot of really cool interior compartments you can use when packing. Two bonus features you are sure to love are the lock that is TSA compliant and the padded sleeve you can use for your laptop.

Briggs & Riley 20 Inch Carry On Upright Luggage
Generally speaking carry on luggage is very tough. The Briggs & Riley 20 Inch Carry On Upright is no different. It is one of the most durable pieces of carry on luggage on the market today. It has a glide that is very smooth and it is easy to get in and out of. The great thing about this company is they will repair your broken or damaged back absolutely free. It doesn’t matter who caused the damage, they will take care of it. Your only cost will be shipping it to them.

Eagle Creek Swift Carry On Luggage
This is the perfect piece of carry on luggage for a quick weekend trip. Its lightweight yet very tough. It can handle almost anything. The one thing that stood out to me about this bag is its ability to repel water. That means if you get caught in the pouring rain you don’t have to worry about ruining your luggage. Like most bags on this list this one also comes with a limited lifetime warranty.

If there are any manufactures defects Eagle Creek will take care of the damage. You pay to ship it to one of there certified repair centers and they will pay to ship it back.