Carry On Luggage For Men – 5 Of The Best

Men and women are completely different in all things. Including carry on luggage. While women will want something that is nice and cute, a man wants something that is rough and rugged. So with this brief article I am going to share with you 5 of the best pieces of carry on luggage for men. All of which are rough, rugged and look very cool like the Tumi Alpha International.

Thule Crossover 38 L Rolling Carry On
Thule is a Swedish brand and it is one of the largest carry on pieces I have ever seen. It is very utilitarian. It has oversized wheels which makes it very easy to pull around while traveling. And when you are done pulling it you can pull out the backpack straps and place it over your shoulder. This carry on luggage will run you around $300 but it is well worth it.


The North Face Shuttle Roller
When you look at this bag it won’t pop out at you. To many it would look like nothing more than a black carry on bag. But once you look under the hood you will see it is much more than that. It comes with a lot of really smart features. One such feature is the neoprene sleeve. This sleeve is great for those business travelers who can’t leave home without their laptop. It provides and easy place for you to store and access your laptop.

This is great for going through security. It is also very sturdy which means it can handle a lot. It is very intuitive and will help you stay organized.

Osprey Ozone 22
Most of you know Osprey as a backpacking line. But these days they are much more than that. They also offer carry on luggage. As a matter of fact, their carry on luggage is one of the lightest there is on the market. It weighs a whopping four pounds. It has a one bar handled bar that is very comfortable to use. If you are going on a quick trip this is the bag you want to use. I would compare it to a rolling duffel bag.

Gregory Cache 22
The one thing that makes this back stand out from other carry on luggage for men is the super wide handle. I have personally never seen a handle like this before. Because the handle is so wide this bag has a very strong frame. There is also no center chassis like you find on other bags. Its tough and rugged. However, if you will be outside a lot during your travels this is not the bag you want.

Tumi Tegra Lite International Carry On
With a price tag of close to $600 this carry on luggage is not for everybody. It is a very flashy yet strong bag. It is made with Tegris which is the same impact resistant material used by NASCAR. That alone should tell you how durable this bag is. The wheels turn 360 degrees which makes it very easy to move around. Other than the price tag I would say this is a great piece of luggage.