Samsonite Aspire Gr8

Samsonite was founded in the city of Denver, Colorado, in 1910, by a man named Jesse Shwayder. Over the years, Samsonite has grown in terms of popularity as a quality manufacturer of luggage in USA. Now, as the winner of the Traveler’s Choice Awards 2012, Samsonite has become the worldwide leader in luggage, travel bags, and accessories of superior quality. It has achieved this reputation by combining style with latest designs and technology to improve the desirability and durability of their products. For over 100 years now, Samsonite leverages its design heritage to make unparalleled products, fulfilling the needs for an on-the-go lifestyle for recreational, avid, and business travelers alike.

Product Description

As one of the most recognized brands in the industry, Samsonite has outdone themselves with their latest Samsonite Aspire Gr8 Upright Suitcase. This is product that truly reflects the company’s commitment to quality and their mission to raise the bar of traveling luggage standards, and has made our top list of luggage for men.

As every traveler is well aware, the most crucial aspect of traveling is choosing the right travel companion. The market nowadays, simply offers products with flashy exteriors that provide little to no functionality. However, you should put some thought into getting the perfect bag for your travel. Samsonite Aspire Gr8 Upright Suitcase can be the bag that offers style alongside functionality as well as durability.

This suitcase is made with 100% high-grade polyester that keeps this luggage among one of the lightest in this category. This suitcase comes with large rubber wheels for smooth and quiet mobility. Designed to withstand a significant amount of wear and abrasions, this bag will still manage to maintain its shape.

On the outside of the bag, you will find two compartments on the front of the bag. The first pocket is flat and can be used for storing gadgets; the second compartment is much larger and can accommodate a variety of travel essentials.

On the inside lies the niche of this bag. You will find two compartments on the inside walls, first is a small PVC pouch that you can use to store your toiletries, and the other is a medium-sized zippered mesh pocket. The main compartment is spacious; you can use it to store more than a week’s worth of clothes. In conclusion, this suitcase is an all rounder that perfectly blends together sophisticated style and superior functionality.